Often asked: where is the los angeles forum?

Is the Los Angeles Forum still standing?

There are no plans to tear down the Forum, the LA Times reported. “This is an unprecedented time, but we believe in our collective future,” Ballmer said in a statement. “We are committed to our investment in the City of Inglewood, which will be good for the community, the Clippers, and our fans.”

Is the forum in a safe area?

The Inglewood area, which surrounds the Forum, is sketchy at best. However, when there are concerts it’s pretty safe due to police presence and tons of people flooding the area. Just don’t go wandering around the area outside of the forum parking lot.

Is the Forum Inglewood safe?

It is fine to go a concert at the Forum. Inglewood is safe enough to go to an event at the forum, and leave the area as soon as the concert is over.

How far is the forum from Staples Center?

The distance between Staples Center and The Forum is 7 miles.

Do Lakers pay rent at Staples Center?

For example, the Lakers don’t pay rent at Staples Center, but pay an undisclosed percentage of their games’ ticket sales to the arena, according to one source familiar with the arrangement who was not authorized to comment publicly to the Times.

Will the Clippers move to Inglewood?

INGLEWOOD, Calif. Ballmer intends to open his new arena in 2024, immediately following the expiration of his team’s lease at Staples Center. The Clippers plan to break ground on the estimated $1.2 billion project in 2021.

Is Inglewood California ghetto?

Inglewood is fine, there just isn’t a whole lot going on in that area. There’s technically crime all over LA, but it’s not all that bad. Meaning they are some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in LA. Including Hyde Park which has the 13th most violent crimes out of 200, and Manchester Square which has the 9th most.

Is Inglewood a Blood or Crip?

The Inglewood Neighborhood Pirus are one of the few Blood gangs to have rivalries with a multitude of other Blood gangs such as the Crenshaw Mafia Gang and the LA Denver Lane Bloods, after a member of the Neighbor Hood Pirus shot and killed a high ranking member of the Crenshaw Mafia Gang [2].

How dangerous is Compton?

Compton has an violent crime rate, per 1000 residents, of 11.97. The national median is only 4. Property crime rate, per 1,000 residents, is 26.64. The national median is 24.

Why is Staples Center The House That Kobe Built?

Following the sudden death of former basketball player Kobe Bryant in January 2020, a number of media outlets picked up on a phrase used by some, referring to the stadium as “The House That Kobe Built“, due to his historic 20-year career with the Lakers.

Who owns LA Lakers?

He meticulously involved them in the team as he saw fit and when he died in 2013, the 66% controlling ownership Buss owned went down to six of his children through equal shares. The Buss Family Trust now owns the Lakers, with Jeanie Buss acting as the President.

Are Lakers back in LA?

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The Los Angeles Lakers, fresh off winning the 2020 NBA Championships, landed at LAX Monday after three months in the NBA bubble. The team’s arrival Monday is the first time the team has been back in Los Angeles since the NBA restarted play in July.

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