Question: how do i find my los angeles library card number?

Do Los Angeles Public Library cards expire?

Your library card expires every three years. To reactivate your card, call your local LA County Library location and verify your address and phone number.

Can I get a Los Angeles Public Library card online?

How do I get an e-card? Complete the e-card application and you will immediately receive your e-card number by email. At this time, the e-card is only available to Los Angeles County residents.

What is library card number in Gmail?

Your Library Card Number is the 14 digit number underneath the bar code on the back of your library card. When entering this number on a computer type the number in with no spaces.

What is my LA County Library pin?

Your Personal Identification Number (or “PIN“) is, by default, the last four digits of the phone number associated with your library card (usually the number you entered on your library card application).

Can I renew my Los Angeles library card online?

Patrons can still renew library materials 24/7. You can renew online using your My Library Account or by calling our renewal hotline at 888-577-5275.

Are library cards free?

Yes, we all know that library cards are free to sign up for. And that’s just talking about books – most public libraries also offer access to DVDs, BluRays, CDs, magazines, audiobooks, video games, and digital downloads, and that’s not even factoring in a library’s public programming or databases and online resources.

How do I get a Los Angeles County library card?

To get a library card, fill out an application and bring it to any LA County Library location along with a valid ID. Cards are valid for three years and can be renewed by calling or visiting a library. If your library card is lost or stolen, report it immediately. Replacement cards cost $3.00.

How long do library cards last?

Most types of Library Cards are valid for 4 years. You can renew your expired account a few different ways: 1.

What’s the difference between Libby and OverDrive?

Libby is a new app released by OverDrive. It has the same collection of titles as the OverDrive app – it’s just a different way to access the same digital library collection. OverDrive is the “classic” app, and is compatible with more devices, including Kindle Fire, Macs, PCs, and Windows mobile devices.

How do I find my OverDrive library card number?

You can also try to find your card number or PIN:

  1. For your card number, try checking the back of your library card or checking past emails from your library.
  2. For your PIN or password, try using the last four digits of your phone number or your birthday.

Why does my library card expire?

Why do library cards expire? Library cards expire every year so we can: Confirm that you are still eligible for a library card. Collect payment for any outstanding fines on your account.

How can I use OverDrive without a library card?

Get Instant Access to OverDrive EBooks Without a Library Card

  1. Go to
  2. Click where it says “Log In” in the top right corner.
  3. Click the link under “Welcome” where it says “Need a library card? Get a free one instantly using your mobile number.”
  4. Enter your phone number.
  5. If your number is accepted, you’re all set!

How do I find my library PIN?

If you don’t know your library card number, try checking the back of your library card. It may be under the barcode. If you don’t know your PIN, try using the last 4 digits of your phone number or your birthday.

How many libraries are in LA County?

The County Public Library serves 51 of 88 cities and unincorporated areas through 84 community-based library outlets, including four bookmobiles. It is a special fund department under the jurisdiction of the Board of Supervisors; a 20-member Library Commission acts as an advisory board.

What does privilege has expired mean?

What doesPrivilege Has Expiredmean? This message means your library card has expired and needs to be renewed. Full Access Library Cards cannot be renewed online.

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