Question: how many students in los angeles school district?

How many students are in LA County?

CDS Code 19-00000-0000000

Census Day Enrollment 2015-16 2017-18
Census Day Enrollment 1,523,212 1,492,652
Total 1,523,212 1,492,652

Which school district is the largest in California?

Largest Districts

Rank District Enrollment
1 Los Angeles Unified 596,937
2 San Diego Unified 122,916
3 Fresno Unified 73,381
4 Long Beach Unified 72,002

How many high school students are in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles High School is a public secondary high school, enrolling an estimated 2,000 students in grades 9–12.

How many private schools are in LA County?

Show 100 more private schools in Los Angeles County, CA (out of 1,142 total schools)

What school districts are in LA County?

List of school districts in Los Angeles County, California

  • ABC Unified School District.
  • Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District.
  • Alhambra Unified School District.
  • Antelope Valley Union High School District.
  • Arcadia Unified School District.
  • Azusa Unified School District.
  • Baldwin Park Unified School District.
  • Bassett Unified School District.

What is the largest school system in the world?

The Biggest Educational System in the World. With the biggest population in the world, China also has the biggest educational system in the world. Currently, more than 200 million people are receiving full time education in various schools and grade levels.

What is the biggest school district in America?

The largest school district is the New York City Public Schools, with 1,075,710 students enrolled in 1,207 schools.

Who has the largest school district?

List of the largest school districts in the United States by enrollment

Rank vs 2014 School district
1 New York City
2 Los Angeles Unified
3 City of Chicago (SD 299)
4 Miami-Dade County

What is the biggest public high school in the US?

Largest high school in America. With a total of 8076 students, Brooklyn Technical High School in Brooklyn, NY is the undisputed heavyweight champ – largest high school in America!

Which state has the most school districts?

States with most school districts, 2007-08

Texas 1,033
Oklahoma 539
Missouri 524
Pennsylvania 501
Source: National Center for Education Statistics

What is the biggest district?

List of Largest Districts of India by Territorial Area.

Rank District State
1 Kachchh Gujarat
2 Leh Jammu and Kashmir
3 Jaisalmer Rajasthan

What is the best high school in LA?

  • California Academy of Mathematics and Science. Carson, CA.
  • Oxford Academy. Cypress, CA.
  • Whitney High School. Cerritos, CA.
  • Harbor Teacher Preparation Academy. Wilmington, CA.
  • Hawthorne Math and Science Academy.
  • Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies.
  • Downtown Business High.
  • Lennox Mathematics, Science and Technology Academy.

What is the best school district in Los Angeles?

  • San Marino Unified School District. School District.
  • La Canada Unified School District.
  • Arcadia Unified School District.
  • Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District.
  • Irvine Unified School District.
  • South Pasadena Unified School District.
  • Redondo Beach Unified School District.
  • Laguna Beach Unified School District.

How many high schools are in LA County?

Los Angeles Unified School District contains 254 high schools. For comprehensive & personalized admissions consulting,consider Crimson Education!

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