Question: how much does surgeon get paid in los angeles?

How much money do surgeons make in California?

As of Mar 4, 2021, the average annual pay for a Surgeon in California is $232,067 an year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $111.57 an hour. This is the equivalent of $4,463/week or $19,339/month.

What is the highest paid surgeon?

RELATED: The list of the top 10 highest physician salaries by specialty for 2019

  • Neurosurgery — $746,544.
  • Thoracic surgery — $668,350.
  • Orthopedic surgery — $605,330.
  • Plastic surgery — $539,208.
  • Oral and maxillofacial — $538,590.
  • Vascular surgery — $534,508.
  • Cardiology — $527,231.
  • Radiation oncology — $516,016.

What state has the highest paid surgeons?

Top 10 highest paying states for physicians in 2020

  • Kentucky. Physicians in Kentucky earn more than in any other state — bringing in $346,000 on average.
  • Tennessee.
  • Florida.
  • Alabama.
  • Utah.
  • Ohio.
  • Oklahoma.
  • Indiana.

How much does a plastic surgeon make in Los Angeles?

The average pay for a Plastic Surgeon is $505,460 a year and $243 an hour in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Are most doctors millionaires?

Not very many docs doing that, so even with home equity and “stuff”, there just aren’t very many worth $5M+. Most of those in this category are probably successful entrepreneurs of some sort. However, lots of doctors are becoming millionaires by this age, 30-36%. A majority (57%) now have a net worth of $500K.

Who is the richest doctor in the world?

As the richest doctor on earth, Patrick Soon Shiong is a doctor turned entrepreneur turned philanthropist who is worth close to $12 billion. He made his fortune transforming cancer treatments.

Who are the lowest paid doctors?

The 10 LowestPaid Specialties

  • Pediatrics: $232,000.
  • Public Health/Preventive Care: $232,000.
  • Family Medicine:$234,000.
  • Diabetes & Endocrinology: $236,000.
  • Infectious Diseases: $246,000.
  • Internal Medicine: $251,000.
  • Rheumatology: $262,000.
  • Psychiatry: $268,000.

What is the hardest medical specialty?

Competitive programs that are the most difficult to match into include:

  • Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery.
  • Dermatology.
  • General Surgery.
  • Neurosurgery.
  • Orthopedic Surgery.
  • Ophthalmology.
  • Otolaryngology.
  • Plastic Surgery.

Which type of doctors make the most money?

General practitioners, including family doctors and pediatricians, are among the highest-paid doctors.

These were the highest paying doctor jobs in 2019, ranked.

  1. Anesthesiologists.
  2. Surgeons.
  3. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons.
  4. Obstetricians and gynecologists.
  5. Orthodontists.
  6. Prosthodontists.

What is the lowest paying state?

The two states with the lowest minimum wage are Georgia ($5.15) and Wyoming ($5.15). However, employers in Georgia and Wyoming who are subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act must still pay the $7.25 Federal minimum wage.

What city pays doctors most?

Milwaukee is the highest paying metropolitan city for physicians, according to Doximity’s 2020 Physician Compensation Report. The company surveyed about 44,000 full-time U.S. physicians on compensation growth from 2019 to 2020 and found that overall compensation was up 1.5 percent.

Who is the richest neurosurgeon in the world?

Dr Sanjay Gupta – Net worth $4.5 million. Neurosurgeon/media personality, Dr Sanjay Gupta is CNN’s chief medical correspondent and hosts his own health programme.

Who is the richest plastic surgeon?

Paul Nassif Net Worth

Net Worth: $16 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Plastic Surgeon
Nationality: United States of America
Last Updated: 2020

Where do plastic surgeons make the most money?

If both location and money are important to you, then you might want to check out moving to North Dakota, New York and Minnesota, as these three states offer the highest salaries throughout the U.S. for plastic surgeons.

How much does a plastic surgeon make in Beverly Hills?

The average plastic surgeon gross salary in Beverly Hills, California is $505,479 or an equivalent hourly rate of $243. This is 15% higher (+$64,091) than the average plastic surgeon salary in the United States.

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