Question: where to buy earthworms in los angeles?

Where can I buy worms in Los Angeles?


  • Glendale. Compost Worms and Bins. Phone: (818) 472-2593. Email: [email protected]
  • Los Angeles. Triformis Corporation* 8929 S. Sepulveda Blvd., #208.
  • North Hollywood. Urban Worms. Phone: (310) 560-0799. Email: [email protected]
  • Northridge. Golden Wiggle Worms. Phone: (818) 993-6613.
  • Sylmar. Worm Diggins. Phone: (818) 367-8388.

Where can I purchase earthworms?

Where to Buy Worms for Composting

  • Gardener’s Supply Company – Price: $39.95 for a 2lb. Package (about 1,300 – 1,900 worms)
  • Garden’s Alive! –
  • Red Worm Composting – Price: $35.00 for 1lb of red worms.
  • Local Harvest – Price: $24.94 for 1 lb; $44.95 for 2lbs.
  • Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm – Price: $16.95 for 500 worms; $17.95 for 1,000 worms.

Does Home Depot sell earthworms?

of Worms for Use with Worm Farm-RSI-WORM-250 – The Home Depot.

Compare Similar Products.

current product
$4212 $3988 $5598
(4) (19) (5)
Soil Amendment Type Compost Compost Compost
Organic Yes Yes Yes

Where can I buy worms to start a worm farm?

You can buy worms from sites like (We sell 1 pound of red worms — roughly 1,000 — for $35.50, shipping included.) If you’ve got the time and the access, you can also find a horse stable and recover worms from horse manure or ask a farmer to ransack his manure pile for worms.

How many worms can live in a 5 gallon bucket?

Keeping in mind that the larger the surface area of your bucket the more worms it can host I am working on an average of 10000 worms per 10.7 square feet / 1 square meter. So I would estimate each of your 5 gallon buckets should be able to support 800 to 1000 worms.

Can you buy live earthworms?

You could purchase worms (they are sold by the pound in many garden stores) and just manually add them to the garden. This will work for the short term, but will not be very beneficial since worms are needed all season. Encouraging earthworms naturally is the best way.

How much do worms cost?

At the moment, red worms on sell for about $9 for 300. Night crawlers from family operations sell for about $30 to $32 per pound. You’ll sell about 350 to 400 night crawlers per pound, so you’ll be getting approximately $0.08 each if you sell them retail in bulk.

Where can I dig for worms?

If there is a perennial strem nearby with fallen leaves around it, that is an excellent place to dig for worms. They are often found near bodies of water in the mud. Another good place to try is underneath anything that is damp or moist such as logs, rocks and rotten stuff!

Does Walmart sell worms?

Green Worms Live Fish Bait, 12 Count – –


Assembled Product Weight 0.5 lb
Contained Battery Type 1
Color Assorted
Type All-in-One
Size Standard

How many worms do you need to start a worm farm?

For beginners we recommend starting with 1 pound of worms for every 4 square feet of your worm bin’s top surface area. Experienced vermicomposters can start with more worms and we recommend 1 pound of worms for every 1 square foot of you worm composter’s top surface area.

How fast do worms reproduce?

The breeding cycle is approximately 27 days from mating to laying eggs. Worms can double in population every 60 days.

How long does a worm live?

Worms can live as long as four years. When worms die in the bin, their bodies decompose and are recycled by other worms, along with the food scraps.

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