Quick Answer: where to buy straw bales in los angeles?

Where can I buy bales of straw locally?

You can buy hay bales and straw from farm feed and supply stores like Tractor Supply, local plant nurseries and garden centers, craft stores like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, and home improvement stores like Lowe’s or The Home Depot.

Where can I buy hay bales in Los Angeles?

Best hay bales in Los Angeles, CA

  • John’s Feed 2. 7.8 mi. 15 reviews. Pet Stores.
  • TriKee Tack. 6.9 mi. 90 reviews.
  • Damoor’s Feed & Tack. 6.8 mi. 62 reviews.
  • Whittier Narrows Feed. 16.2 mi. 18 reviews.
  • Foothill Feed. 15.9 mi. 13 reviews.
  • Romberg Mill. 15.1 mi. 11 reviews.
  • Lomita Feed Store. 17.8 mi. 51 reviews.
  • Red Barn Feed. 14.9 mi. 121 reviews.

How much is a bale of straw cost?

Straw prices were steady and there is a demand for straw. Small square bales averaged $4.60 a bale (range of $2.00 to $6.00). Large square bale straw averaged $64.00 per bale (a range of $40.00 to $90.00). Large round bale straw averaged $58.00 per bale (a range of $40.00 – $85.00).

Does Walmart sell straw bales?

This decorative Straw Bale is made from high-quality, natural, barley straw. Sun-baked straw has a rich, golden color that is perfect for indoor or outdoor home décor.


Condition New

Does Home Depot sell straw bales?

Pine Straw Bale-PSBS10P – The Home Depot.

Does Tractor Supply sell straw bales?

TSC Subscription available for Curbside Pickup on a schedule that’s convenient for you! The Standlee Premium Western Forage Certified Straw Grab & Go Compressed Bale can be used for animal bedding, erosion control and composting.

How much do hay bales cost?

“A five-year average fourth-quarter price for central Alberta mixed hay gives us a value of approximately $120 per ton or six cents per pound,” said Nibourg. “Assuming a yield of 1.8 tons, or three bales, per acre weighing 1,200 pounds, we arrive at a value of $72 per bale.

What is bale of hay?

Back in the 1950s and 60s, most hay was put up in square bales. These rectangular-shaped bales usually weighed 50-60 pounds. Farmers cut hay in the field and let it dry for several days in the sun. Then they raked the dried hay into rows and ran baling equipment over the rows. This produced the bales.

How long do straw bales last?

If built correctly a straw bale home can last 100 years at least. When it’s life cycle is complete, a structure stripped of all but the walls can be tilled back into the earth. That can’t be said for stick frame homes using modern insulation.

How much area does a bale of straw cover?

COVERAGE GUIDELINES: 1 bale covers an area approximately 50-45 square feet to a recomended depth of 3 inches. How deep should a pine straw application be?

What is difference between straw and hay?

Hay is a crop that is grown and harvested as a feed crop for cattle, horses and other farm animals. Straw on the other hand is a byproduct of a grain crop; in our area it’s usually usually wheat straw that we see. Hay often is made up of a combination of different plants growing in a field or meadow.

Does Walmart sell hay?

Kaytee Natural Timothy Hay Small Animal Food, 48 Oz – Walmart.com – Walmart.com.

Does Tractor Supply sell hay?

Atlantic Hay Alfalfa, 20 lb. at Tractor Supply Co.

Does Lowes sell straw?

Wheat Straw (up to 80-sq ft Coverage) in the Pine Needles & Straw Mulch department at Lowes.com.

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