Quick Answer: where to sell a watch in los angeles?

Where can I sell my watch for cash?

The places to sell watches for cash

  • Craigslist.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • Personal Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube.
  • Value Your Watch Marketplace.

Where is the best place to sell my watch?

If you want to make as much money as you can, setting up a listing on the most suitable enthusiast forum, like Rolex Forums, Omega Forums or WatchUSeek, or simply selling on a watch classified site like Chrono24 is the way to go.

Where can I sell my Rolex in Los Angeles?

Best sell rolex in Los Angeles, CA

  • Sell Me Watch. 4.0 mi. 13 reviews.
  • Ramerica Fine Jewelry & Watches. 4.1 mi. 63 reviews.
  • The Watch Buyers Group. 12.1 mi. 56 reviews.
  • Rolex Boutique – GEARYS Century City. 5.5 mi. 64 reviews.
  • Sell My Rolex Watch. 2.9 mi.
  • Essential Watches. 4.7 mi.
  • Tic Time of Sherman Oaks. 9.3 mi.
  • Pacific Jewelry & Watches – Appraisers & Buyers. 11.9 mi.

How do I sell an expensive watch?

A common way to sell a watch online is to go directly to online retailers who specialize in buying and selling pre-owned luxury watches. These types of e-tailers typically have online forms you can fill out to receive a quote quickly. They usually also have procedures in place to simplify shipping and insurance.

Do pawn shops buy watches?

Pawn shops not only allow their customers to “pawnwatches using them as collateral for a loan, but they also allow you to sell your watch outright. Given the fact that you most likely have more than one pawn shop in your local area, let’s talk about how to know where to sell used watches for the most money possible.

What is the best way to sell a Rolex watch?

How to Sell Your Rolex Watch Online

  1. Find a Trustworthy Dealer.
  2. Gather All the Necessary Data About Your Rolex.
  3. Have Your Rolex Appraised.
  4. Send in Your Watch.
  5. Make Sure You’re Getting a Fair Price.
  6. Consider Trading In.
  7. Get Paid.

How can I tell how old my watch is?

To determine the age of your watch, you will need to open your watch and find the serial number on the watch’s movement. This crucial figure will indicate the manufacture date. (Unfortunately, you cannot rely on the number stamped outside on the watch case which is largely used only for identification purposes.)

Where can I sell my smartwatch?

How to Sell Your Smart Watch Online to GreenBuyback

  • Select the make and model you would like to sell.
  • Choose your smart watch’s condition, size, and style.
  • Approve your trade-in quote.
  • Pack up your smartwatch into a box and ship it to us for FREE.
  • Once the device is approved, collect your CASH!

Does anyone buy old watches?

It’s often possible to sell used watches locally, to venues such as pawn shops and certain specialty or jewelry stores. While some sellers occasionally receive fair market value when selling timepieces locally, there are several reasons why taking advantage of Worthy’s services may serve you better.

How much is a Rolex watch in USA?

The Rolex Submariner comes at a starting price of $7,500 USD.

How do I sell a watch?

Sell through an auction house. Call local auction houses and set up a meeting for assessing the worth of auctioning off your watch.

Sell direct.

  1. Consider whether anyone you know has expressed an interest in your watch before.
  2. Sell via an auction site.

How much can I sell my Fossil watch for?

Most watches go for an average of $200. However, for a Fossil watch, you’re likely to get around $25.

Can you sell Rolex without papers?

So to elaborate on the actual question, yes, you can sell your Rolex without the original papers, but almost certainly, you will get less money for it compared to if you would have the original papers. Rolex will under no circumstances issue a new guarantee card.

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