Readers ask: how much is a helicopter ride in los angeles?

How much does it cost to rent a helicopter in Los Angeles?


To Santa Monica, CA $450
To Catalina Island, CA $1000
To Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA $850
To Los Angeles, CA (LAX) $650
To Orange County $850

How much would a helicopter ride cost?

On average, most helicopter tours range from $400-$650. For special occasions and events, the pricing may be a bit different. Since we do many custom tours the cost fluctuates but generally stays within that range. Please inquire for specific cost based on your tour.

Is a helicopter ride worth it?

If so, a helicopter tour is absolutely well worth the money. With a helicopter tour, especially those we provide here at Heliventures, you’re going to experience something you’ve probably never experienced in the past before. This is a unique activity, and something most people never get to accomplish on their own.

How much is a helicopter ride at Mount Rushmore?

Tour Information

DISCOVERY FLIGHT – $49 PER PERSON: If you’ve ever wanted to experience a helicopter tour, this is your chance! With views of Mount Rushmore, you are sure to have an amazing time!

Can you take a helicopter from Los Angeles to Las Vegas?

Travel to Las Vegas in style with your own private Helicopter. This helicopter shuttle departs from Bob Hope Burbank Airport traveling a little over 2 hours arriving at Mccarran Airport. We have the Robinson R44 or the Robinson R66 for you to choose from.

How much does it cost to rent a helicopter for an hour?

How much does it cost to rent a helicopter​ depends greatly on the agency, the type and how long do you want to rent it for. But in general, A small helicopter (2 seats) will cost you around $300/hour, A medium sized helicopter (4 seats) will be around 500$/hour. Anything larger than that will require a custom inquiry.

How much is a helicopter per hour?

How much does a helicopter cost to fly in per hour? On average, you can expect to pay $150 to $200 per hour to take flying lessons in a helicopter. However, a police helicopter costs on average about $400/hour to fly. Naturally, larger choppers cost more to fly.

How much does a helicopter ride cost per hour?

In the US, the cheapest two-seater helicopter is probably the Robinson R22, and that one costs anywhere between $200 and $300 per hour. The bigger helicopters, although much more expensive in hourly costs alone, might help cut down on the price per person, assuming they’re full of people.

Why are helicopter rides so expensive?

What makes helicopter flights so expensive? Helicopters are expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, they use a lot of fuel for what they achieve, and the pilot training is expensive.

How do you prepare for a helicopter ride?

Dress appropriately and be prepared for your helicopter flight. Wear long pants and a light jacket, and keep long hair pulled back. Do not wear sunglasses, a hat, sandals, flip flops, a necklace, or other loose jewelry. Do not bring heavy luggage or loose items such as a cell phone, keys, or a purse.

How much is a helicopter ride over Manhattan?

The tours start at $190 per person, plus $20 in Heliport Fees. Choose a Helicopter Tour that lasts 15, 20, or 30 minutes. Take a flight that you will remember for a lifetime!

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