Readers ask: how much is the minimum wage for a senior administrative analyst in los angeles county?

What is a senior administrative analyst?

DEFINITION. Performs a wide variety of complex technical, budgetary, analytical, procurement and administrative support duties for an assigned department or division; coordinates administrative systems, procedures and operations; and performs related duties as assigned.

How much does a senior program analyst make?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing annual salaries as high as $135,500 and as low as $47,500, the majority of Senior Program Analyst salaries currently range between $83,500 (25th percentile) to $116,500 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $125,000 annually across the United States.

What does administrative analyst do?

Working as an Administrative Analyst. Often companies or business organizations refine certain practices and develop strategies that may improve the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of the organization. So they analyze information, conduct researches, define effective strategies to gain success.

What is a senior programmer analyst?

The Senior Programmer/Analyst creates and maintains computer programs, program documentation, and operating instructions, performs leadership responsibilities in the development of reusable programming solutions, participates in the systems design process, and frequently assumes responsibility for project maintenance,

What is the difference between programmer and programmer analyst?

A programmer analyst works directly with a business or client to determine their unique requirements and then designs and develops a system for them. A programmer, on the other hand, does the coding that both programmer and systems analysts do, but they do not work directly with clients.

How much do programmer analysts make?

How much does a Programmer Analyst make? The national average salary for a Programmer Analyst is $71,000 in United States.

What is the highest paying administrative job?

10 High-Paying Administrative Jobs to Pursue in 2021

  • Facilities manager.
  • Member services/enrollment manager.
  • Executive assistant.
  • Medical executive assistant.
  • Call center manager.
  • Certified professional coder.
  • HR benefits specialist/coordinator.
  • Customer service manager.

How much does an administrative analyst make?

Administrative Analyst Salary

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Administrative Analyst Salary $51,679 US
50th Percentile Administrative Analyst Salary $57,843 US
75th Percentile Administrative Analyst Salary $64,903 US
90th Percentile Administrative Analyst Salary $71,330 US

How do I become an administrative analyst?

Administrative Analyst Requirements:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in finance, business, or a related field.
  2. At least two years of experience as an administrative analyst or similar.
  3. Further education and certification are advantageous.
  4. Strong research, math, and computer skills.

What is a senior programmer?

The Senior Programmer/Analyst’s role is to define, develop, test, analyze, and maintain new software applications in support of the achievement of business requirements. This includes writing, coding, testing, and analyzing software programs and applications.

What does a senior analyst do?

Daily, a senior analyst can be involved in tracking project milestones, maintaining client correspondences, managing project scope, leading process design improvements, conducting system integration and undertaking project analysis.

Who is junior programmer?

The junior programmer is responsible for design, implementation, and maintenance of software to meet the needs of internal and external clients.

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