Readers ask: ncis los angeles why is kinsi in a coma?

Does kensi wake up from her coma?

“NCIS: Los Angeles” season 8 had another exciting episode after Kensi (Daniela Ruah) woke up from a coma. It should be a happy affair for her fiancé Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and it has been a touching moment when she opened her eyes.

What happened to kensi on NCIS LA Season 8?

During NCIS LA Season 8, Kensi is injured. Fortunately, she recovers. However, she still has demons to deal with that are not of a physical nature. She is so troubled by her experience that she consults with the staff psychologist so she can regain a sound state of mind and be well enough to go back to work.

Why is Deeks no longer with NCIS?

The LAPD furloughed him due to budget issues. And it seemed that he had no future at NCIS when he learned that he was too old to attend FLETC. Facing some major financial problems, Deeks decided to sell his bar.

What is wrong with Kensi eye on NCIS LA?

Ruah has a distinguishable birthmark in her right eye, called the nevus of Ota.

Does kensi get her leg cut off?

In episode 14, Kensi is kidnapped by a man she met in physical therapy. In episode 15, she is taken to a house where the man threatens to cut off her leg but Deeks saves her. At the end of the season finale, Kensi asks Deeks to marry her and he says yes.

Are Kensi and Deeks together in real life?

NCIS: LA’s Kensi and Deeks Are Related in Real Life as She’s Married to His Lookalike Brother. This year, onscreen characters Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks from “NCIS: Los Angeles” got married. The actress who plays Blye is married, in reallife, to Deeksreallife brother.

Why did they kill off Sam Hanna’s wife?

The decision to kill off Owen Granger was unavoidable due to Miguel Ferrer’s death earlier this year. Sam’s protective instinct has only been heightened by Michelle’s death. There’s no chance he would risk the lives of his teammates on his own personal vendetta, but he has no loyalty to Sabatino.

Is Marty Deeks leaving NCIS?

But then NCIS: LA revealed that Deeks’s job as a liaison between the NCIS and the LAPD is done—permanently. But before you cut the TV cord, get a load of this good news: Daniela spoke out and all but confirmed that Eric and Deeks aren’t going anywhere.

Does kensi kill the white ghost?

The truth about the White Ghost and why Kensi was sent to Afghanistan to hunt him down were both revealed in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 5 Episode 19. The White Ghost that Kensi was sent to kill never existed; instead, the CIA pegged Jack Simon as the White Ghost as a cover to kill him.

Why did Deeks kill Boyle?

Boyle liked to get high and beat up prostitutes. He was found in a Hollywood motel shot with his own gun. In “Active Measures,” Deeks tells Kensi that people assumed that whatever poor girl he was “whaling on” got ahold of his gun and killed him.

Why did Deeks lose his job?

At first, we thought it was because he was asked to focus more on his job in the LAPD as he was the liaison officer working with the Los Angeles NCIS team after all. However, in the most recent episode 4, it is revealed that Deeks was fired.

Is Deeks leaving NCIS Los Angeles 2020?

Don’t Worry, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles‘ Fans — Marty Deeks Isn’t Leaving the Show Yet. There have been a lot of tough situations for the crew at NCIS: Los Angeles this season.

Why is Linda Hunt not on NCIS LA anymore?

This isn’t the first time Hunt has been away from NCIS LA either. The award-winning actress had to sit out for a lot of season 10 as she was involved in a car accident. While her injuries were not life-threatening, Hunt did take time off work and so was temporarily written out of the show.

Who died on NCIS Los Angeles?

Miguel Ferrer died January 19, 2017, from throat cancer. He was 61 years old. Ferrer’s cousin George Clooney gave a heartfelt statement about the late actor.

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