Readers ask: who is my city council member los angeles?

Who are the City Council members of Los Angeles?

Your Elected Officials

Gil Cedillo Council Member District 1 Paul Krekorian Council Member District 2 Bob Blumenfield Council Member District 3
Mike Bonin Council Member District 11 John Lee Council Member District 12 Mitch O’Farrell Council Member District 13

How many LA City Council members are there?

The City of Los Angeles is a Mayor-Council-Commission form of government. A Mayor, City Controller, and City Attorney are elected by City residents every four years. Fifteen City Council members representing fifteen districts are elected by the people for four-year terms, for a maximum of three terms.

How much do LA City Council members make?

As of 2015, council members receive an annual salary of $184,610 per year, which is among the highest city council salary in the nation. Regular council meetings are held in the City Hall on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 am except on holidays or if decided by special resolution.

Who is in charge of LA?

The current mayor is Eric Garcetti, the current city attorney is Mike Feuer and the current city controller is Ron Galperin.


Year Democratic Republican
1984 54.9% 503,393 44.0% 404,232
1980 47.6% 424,363 42.0% 374,604
1976 56.3% 517,485 41.8% 383,774
1972 51.2% 549,176 46.3% 496,896

How does LA City Council work?

The City Council is the governing body of the City, except as otherwise provided in the Charter, and enacts ordinances subject to the approval or veto of the Mayor. It orders elections, levies taxes, authorizes public improvements, approves contracts, and adopts traffic regulations.

Who represents Los Angeles in the House of Representatives?

U.S. Representative Jimmy Gomez Proudly Serving California’s 34th District.

Who is the highest elected official of a city government?

In the strong-mayor form of government, the mayor is the city’s chief executive. The city manager position does not exist. The closest equivalent is deputy mayor. Even in this form of government, the mayor is still an elected official.

Is the City Council elected?

How are the Mayor and the Council Members elected? Council Members are nominated by the ward they wish to represent and are elected to the city council at-large. The Mayor is elected by the voters at-large. Elections occur every four years and the Mayor and Council Members serve four-year terms.

How many districts are in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles County is divided into 5 supervisorial districts (SDs), with each Supervisor representing a district of approximately 2 million people.

Do mayors get paid for life?

Mayors do not receive their mayor salary for life, but as city employees, mayors may be entitled to a pension like other city employees are. Upon retirement, they can take their pension in a lump sum or split it into an amount they receive monthly.

What is the name of the governing body of Los Angeles County?

The five-member Board of Supervisors, created by the state Legislature in 1852, is the governing body of the County of Los Angeles.

What type of government does Los Angeles have?

The City of Los Angeles is a MayorCouncil-Commission form of government, as defined in the City Charter, originally adopted by the voters of the City of Los Angeles, effective July 1, 1925 and reaffirmed by a new Charter effective July 1, 2000.

How many mayors are in LA County?

Under the Constitution of California, all judicial, school, county and city offices, including those of chartered cities, are nonpartisan. Eric Garcetti has been the city’s 42nd and current mayor since 2013.

List of Mayors of Los Angeles.

Mayor Alpheus P. Hodges
Term start July 1, 1850
Term end May 7, 1851
Terms 1

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Who is the city manager of Los Angeles?

Richard H. Llewellyn, Jr. Rich Llewellyn was confirmed as the City Administrative Officer for the City of Los Angeles in February 2018, after serving in the position in an interim capacity since February 2017. Rich reports directly to the Mayor and the City Council.

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