what channel is bravo on direct tv los angeles?

Did directv drop Bravo?

We are ready to talk at any time.” For now, DirecTV subscribers who tune to a Viacom channel get a “mix” channel of alternate programming such as Bravo, FX and TBS. Unfortunately, Viacom has decided to take their channels away from our customers.

How do I watch Bravo TV?

Need More Real Housewives? Here’s How to Watch Bravo on All Your Devices

  1. . Cable Provider. You can always watch Bravo the good old-fashioned way by tuning in with your local cable provider!
  2. . Roku.
  3. . Amazon Fire TV.
  4. . Apple TV.
  5. . Mobile.
  6. . Bravotv.com.
  7. . Schedule.

What happened to the Bravo channel?

In 2007, Bravo was among the channels acquired by CTVglobemedia after buying the assets of CHUM Limited. The channel was relaunched in 2012 under a new logo and separate branding from its former American counterpart. Seven years later, the channel would rebrand again under its current name on September 12, 2019.

What is on Bravo?

Main menu

  • Below Deck Sailing Yacht.
  • Bravo’s Chat Room.
  • Life After Bravo.
  • Married to Medicine.
  • Summer House 5 After Show.
  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show.
  • The Real Housewives of Dallas.
  • The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Can I watch Bravo on DirecTV?

Seach for your favorite channels and discover the right DIRECTV package for you.

Browse the DIRECTV channel lineup.

Entertainment Entertainment
Choice Choice
Ultimate Ultimate

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Who runs Bravo?

Bravo (American TV network)

Owner NBCUniversal Television and Streaming (NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment)
Sister channels show List
Launched December 8, 1980

Is Bravo on Amazon Prime?

Amazon.com: Bravo: Prime Video. Alongside Roku, Bravo launched its streaming app on Amazon Fire TV devices. So, go on, ask Alexa to play The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Is there a Bravo app for Smart TV?

Bravo unwrapped a new app for connected TV devices on Monday. The app supplements Bravo programming and lets people — who use Samsung smart TVs, Samsung Blu-ray players, Yahoo Widgets or Google TVs — personalize their viewing experiences.

How do I activate my Bravo app?

Steps to Activate Bravo on Roku

  1. To get the bravo app all you need is to visit the Roku channel store.
  2. Enter the bravo TV on the search tab.
  3. Once you get the search result, then select the add channel option.
  4. You will receive the channel activation code on the screen, once you add the channel.

What was Bravo before reality TV?

Before that, Bravo TV first launched in December 1980, and it was the first channel “dedicated to film and the performing arts.” Basically, Bravo TV has always been original, and its parent company, NBC, helps make that happen.

What shows are on Bravo tonight?


Time TV Show
09:00 am The Kelly Clarkson Show Paul Bettany; Maria Bakalova – Season 2 Episode 72
10:00 am Paid Programming
10:30 am Crepe Erase
11:00 am Summer House I Know What You Did Last Summer(s) 2021

What number is Bravo on virgin?

Bravo (British TV channel)

Availability (at time of closure)
Virgin Media Channel 136 Channel 137 (+1) Catch Up TV on Demand TV Choice on Demand Bravo HD on Demand
UPC Ireland Channel 508 Channel 509 (+1)

What is Bravo short for?


Acronym Definition
BRAVO Biotechnology Regulatory Assistance Virtual Office (Canada)
BRAVO Business Risk and Value of Operation in Space
BRAVO Building Responsibility and Valuing Organization
BRAVO Be prepared, ready to go in X number of minutes (BRAVO 5 = be ready to go in 5 minutes)

How can I watch Bravo TV in the UK?

With a good VPN service, you can watch Bravo TV outside US from the comfort of your current country.

  1. First, sign up with a good VPN service provider.
  2. Then download the official VPN app from the official website of your VPN provider.
  3. Then install that VPN app on your favorite device.
  4. After that, run the app.

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