Quick Answer: How Long Does It Take For An ID To Arrive??

We mail your license, learner permit or non-driver ID to the address we have our records.

Allow 2 weeks to receive the document.

If your document is not delivered two weeks after the date the document was processed, you can send a question to us online, call the DMV or visit your local DMV office.

How long does it take for an ID to come in the mail in California?

60 days

Can I get a temporary ID from the DMV California?

California does not issue temporary IDs. The state issues IDs and driver licenses. You will need to visit a DMV office to obtain an ID, and I strongly recommend you make an appointment at their website http://www.dmv.ca.gov .

Can I get a California ID online?

To apply for an ID, you must complete a Driver License and Identification Card application and pay any fees. For current ID fees, visit www.dmv.ca.gov. Effective April 2018 DMV will begin offering an online DL and ID application process. Applicants will complete their electronic application before visiting DMV.

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