Quick Answer: How Many Carbon Monoxide Detectors Are Required In A House In California??

California’s Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act of 2010 dictates that, starting on July 1, 2011, all residential property, from one to four units, must be equipped with approved carbon monoxide detector equipment.

Where should a carbon monoxide detector be placed?

In order to ensure that your home has maximum protection, it’s important to have a CO detector on every floor. Five feet from the ground. Carbon monoxide detectors can get the best reading of your home’s air when they are placed five feet from the ground. Near every sleeping area.

Do landlords have to provide carbon monoxide detectors in California?

In California, the law requires the installation of approved detectors in single-family dwellings, including rental properties. In Oregon, the law actually prohibits landlords from renting residential properties with a carbon monoxide source unless an approved carbon monoxide alarm is properly installed.

How many carbon monoxide detectors do I need?

According to the International Association of Fire Chiefs, carbon monoxide detectors should be installed on every floor of the home, including basements. Detectors should be located within 10 feet of each bedroom door, and a detector should also be placed near or over any attached garages.

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