How Many Inches Of Rain Did Southern California Get??

The area has seen 15.5 inches of rain this water year, which began Oct.

1, surpassing the average for the entire year of 14.93 inches.

This represents the region getting 173% of average precipitation for this time of year.

Typically, the downtown area sees less than 9 inches in that time frame.

How much rainfall does California get?

For the entire United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska, the average amount of moisture falling as rain and snow is 30.21 inches (767 millimetres). The precipitation averages are based on data collected by weather stations throughout each state from 1971 to 2000 and provided by the NOAA National Climatic Data Center.

How much rainfall does Los Angeles get?

“Normal” or average seasonal precipitation for Downtown Los Angeles, typically provided by the National Weather Service, is 14.93 inches, based upon the average for seasons from 1981 through 2010.

Why does California rain so much?

Atmospheric rivers move huge amounts of water through the air above us—and dump rain and snow on land. Powerful rainstorms have battered Northern California this week. The rains were born far away, deep in the tropical Pacific, where water evaporated from the warm ocean surface and fizzed into the atmosphere.

What month rains the most in California?

California’s Mediterranean climate means that most rain every year falls during four months: December, January, February and March. In Los Angeles, 78 percent of the annual total, on average, occurs in those four months.

Is Southern California still in a drought?

California is officially free of drought after more than seven years, drought monitors said Thursday. The Golden State has experienced some form of drought for 376 consecutive weeks, the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska, tweeted. That precipitation has not just benefited California.

Why does it never rain in California?

Rain patterns are changing. In the Southwest, meanwhile, rainfall is suppressed by a northward expansion of high pressure in the subtropics. The crippling drought now plaguing California is due to a persistent high pressure system off of the coast that is deflecting storms away from the region.

What is the rainy season in California?

The first sporadic rainfall of the rainy season usually occurs in October or November, with heavy rain becoming more common December through early April.

What is the current rainfall in Los Angeles?

The National Weather Service announced that at 10 a.m. today, Downtown LA’s rainfall total for the current water year, which starts in October, had surpassed the average of 14.93 inches.

Photo in the article by “Wikimedia Commons”