How Many Job Searches Are Required For Unemployment Benefits??

Each week that you claim benefits, you must make at least three employer contacts or participate in three in-person job-search activities (or a combination of both, for a total of three) at your local WorkSource employment center or at another member of the American Job Network (if living outside of Washington).

How do I calculate my unemployment benefits in California?

The California Employment Development Department (EDD) determines your weekly benefit amount by dividing your earnings for the highest paid quarter of the base period by 26, up to a maximum of $450 per week. Benefits are available for up to 26 weeks.

Can you get unemployment if fired in California?

If you are fired for misconduct, however, you will not be eligible for unemployment benefits. In California, misconduct makes you ineligible for unemployment benefits only if all four of these statements are true: You owed a “material” duty to the employer.

Can you work part time and collect unemployment in California?

Workers in California whose hours have been cut or who have been laid off temporarily may be eligible for unemployment benefits. Even if you are still working part-time, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits, depending on your earnings and your situation.

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