Quick Answer: What Are The 10 UC Campuses In California??

1. The University of California has 10 campuses.

  • UC Berkeley.
  • UC Davis.
  • UC Irvine.
  • UCLA.
  • UC Merced.
  • UC Riverside.
  • UC San Diego.
  • UC San Francisco*

25 Oct 2018


Nine UC campuses offer undergraduate and graduate education; one (UCSF) is graduate/professional only. Other educational centers reach across California and beyond. All UC campuses use the same undergraduate application.

Which UC’s are the best?

UCLA and UC Berkeley were named the top two public universities in the country, with UC Santa Barbara ranked fifth. UC Irvine was No. 7, UC Davis No. 10 and UC San Diego took the 12th spot this year. UC Santa Cruz (No. 26), UC Riverside (No. 35) and UC Merced (No. 67) rounded out the public university rankings.10 Sep 2018

What is the hardest UC to get into?

UCLA and UC Berkeley are the hardest to get into, and the easiest to get into is UC Merced.

What is the best UC in California?

Ranking the UC Schools

School US News Ranking Forbes Ranking
6. UC Irvine 33 96
7. UC Santa Cruz 70 185
8. UC Riverside 85 204
9. UC Merced 136 unranked

5 more rows

Is UC Berkeley the same as Cal?

The reason that Berkeley is called Cal is because the school was originally named the University of California. UCLA, UC Davis, UC Riverside, and UCSF were all branches of the University of California based in Berkeley. It was only later that the branches became their own campuses.

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