Question: How Many Zip Codes Are In Los Angeles??

Los Angeles, CA Covers 98 ZIP Codes

ZIP Code Type County
ZIP Code 90024 Standard Los Angeles
ZIP Code 90025 Standard Los Angeles
ZIP Code 90026 Standard Los Angeles
ZIP Code 90027 Standard Los Angeles

80 more rows

What’s the 4 digits after a zip code?

A complete, nine-digit ZIP Code consists of two parts. The first five digits indicate the destination post office or delivery area. The last 4 digits represents a specific delivery route within that overall delivery area. All 9 digits of a full zip code assist the USPS in effectively sorting the mail.

What is the zip code of California City?




What is California ZIP postal code?

California – postal codes

Place Code
2 Los Angeles 90002
3 Los Angeles 90003

135 more rows

What is the zip code for Hollywood California?

Primary Zip Codes for Hollywood

Zip Code Primary City Secondary City
90028 Los Angeles Hollywood
90038 Los Angeles Hollywood, Wilcox, West W
90068 Los Angeles Hollywood
90078 Los Angeles Hollywood

1 more row

How many area codes are in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles, CA is currently using eight area codes. Area code 213 serves the Los Angeles downtown area which is surrounded by area code 323. In addition to Los Angeles, CA other area codes used in Los Angeles County include: 310, 323, 424, 626, 661, 747, and 818.

What’s in a zip code?

A ZIP Code is a postal code used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) in a system it introduced in 1963. The term ZIP is an acronym for Zone Improvement Plan; it was chosen to suggest that the mail travels more efficiently and quickly (zipping along) when senders use the code in the postal address.

What is the phone number for California?

We offer local numbers in area codes 310, 949, 415 and many more in California. You can search our available inventory of California numbers by area code here or call us at (800) 477-1477 and one of our sales representatives would be happy to help you find a great CA phone number for your business.

How many zip codes are in Texas?

Texas ZIP Code List

Zip Codes for the State of Texas
Zip Code City County
73301 Austin Travis
73344 Austin Travis
75001 Addison Dallas

120 more rows

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