How Do I File For Divorce In CA Myself??

7 Easy Steps of an Uncontested California Divorce

  • Prepare and File Initial Petition.
  • Serve Your Spouse.
  • Exchange Financial Information.
  • Sign a Marital Settlement Agreement.
  • Request to Enter Default.
  • Submit Final Judgment.
  • Marital Termination Date Set.
  • Prepare and File Initial Petition. Prepare and File Initial Petition.

How much does it cost to file divorce papers?

To begin a divorce case, you must file a petition for dissolution of marriage with the clerk of court of the county in which you reside. Each court imposes a filing fee, which varies according to your location but averages about $300 nationwide.

What is the divorce process in California?

How do I start the California divorce process? The California divorce process starts with the filing of a summons, petition for dissolution of marriage and related forms. Certain counties allow e-filing while others still require manual filing at the courthouse. The summons is judicial council form FL – 110.

Where can I get divorce papers for free?

How to Get Free Divorce Papers

  1. Visit the county clerk’s office in the county court building in the county where you live.
  2. Download a free divorce packet from the website of your local county court if available.
  3. Contact your local legal aid society.
  4. Ask your state law library for free divorce packets.

How long does it take to get a divorce in California if both parties agree?

By law, it will take at least six months before a divorce is finalized.

How can I get a cheap divorce in California?

The process of a simple uncontested divorce can be outlined as follows:

  • File the Petition and pay court filing fee.
  • Serve the other party.
  • Serve and/or exchange information about property, debts and income.
  • Execute a Marital Settlement Agreement (if the parties agree).
  • File Request to Enter Default.

Can I get a divorce for free?

You can only get a free divorce if the court agrees to waive your divorce filing fee. Contact your local county courthouse clerk and ask about pro se litigant divorce requirements. You can only get a fee waiver if you and your spouse are financially unable to pay the filing fee for financial hardship reasons.

How do I protect myself in a divorce?

If you find yourself in this situation and feel divorce is your only viable outcome, you need to take the following steps to protect yourself financially.

  1. Separate your Non-Marital Assets.
  2. Start Your Own Credit History.
  3. Conserve.
  4. Keep Track of Your Financial Records.
  5. Have Good Timing.
  6. Close Joint Accounts.

What is legal separation in California?

A legal separation allows a couple to live separately but remain married. During a period of legal separation, neither spouse may remarry or enter a domestic partnership. The procedure for legal separation in California is very similar to that of divorce.

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