Question: How Much Is A Toll Road Ticket In California??

Or you can pay a One-Time-Toll by calling 949-727-4800.

If you don’t pay the toll within 48 hours, you will receive a ticket in the mail demanding a $57.50 penalty, plus the cost of the unpaid toll.

If you don’t respond to the violation notice, the penalty will increase to $100, plus the original unpaid toll.14 May 2014

Can you pay cash on California toll roads?

All tolls on The Toll Roads are collected electronically — there are no toll booths at which to stop and pay cash. Visitors and infrequent drivers can pay tolls within 5 days before or 5 days after driving The Toll Roads using our free app or online at using the One-Time-Toll feature.

How do you pay tolls in California?

Pay Toll(s) With An Account

  • FasTrak® Pay tolls that are $1 less than the account toll rate on The Toll Roads, and use the transponder on any toll road or bridge in California.
  • ExpressAccount® Prepaid.
  • ExpressAccount® Charge.
  • ExpressAccount® Invoice.

How do you pay for toll roads?

Within 5 days before or 5 days after driving The Toll Roads, tolls can be paid using The Toll Roads free app or online at

There are five ways to pay tolls incurred on The Toll Roads:

  1. FasTrak. ®
  2. Charge ExpressAccount. ®
  3. Invoice ExpressAccount. ®
  4. Prepaid ExpressAccount. ®
  5. Pay Tolls Online.

What happens if you pass a toll without paying?

If you can get over, do. If you can’t, do not panic, back up, or stop in the middle of the freeway. Instead, you will receive a bill in the mail that will not affect your driving record. You can pay for a toll violation here.

What happens if you go through an EZ Pass without a pass?

From now on, drivers who go through the E-ZPass lanes without a transponder will still get a bill in the mail, but they have 30 days in which to pay it. Failure to pay that bill means a $50 fine. Failure to pay the fine and the toll means your vehicle registration could be suspended.

What happens if you don’t pay toll fees?

If you fail to pay tolls, fees or other charges in relation to 3 or more tolling violations, all committed within 5 years, or fail to pay $200 in tolls accumulated within 5 years, if the violations occurred in a commercial vehicle, or fail to have them dismissed or transferred, the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, (”

Can you pay toll by plate without invoice?

If the license plate is not listed on a valid toll payment account i.e. E-PASS, SunPass, E-ZPass, etc., the vehicle’s registered owner will be mailed a Pay By Plate invoice for all trips. Click here to see a sample Pay By Plate invoice.

Do you have to pay tolls in a rental car?

These rental car customers can use Florida’s toll roads and not worry about carrying cash or stopping to pay for tolls. If the transponder is not in your vehicle or functioning properly, tolls from other agencies will not be posted to your SunPass account, and may be charged to you by the rental Service Provider.

How do I pay my toll by plate?

Pay By Plate toll invoicing is an option to “pay as you go” and choose to forgo the benefits of E-PASS toll rates.

Pay By Plate

  • Online using a credit card.
  • By phone using a credit/debit card: 1-800-353-7277 or 407-823-7277.
  • In person using cash or credit/debit card at an E-PASS Customer Service Center.

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