Question: How Much Does An Orthodontist Make Per Hour??

The average pay for an Orthodontist is $81.25 per hour.

The average pay for an Orthodontist is $173,578 per year.

Do orthodontists make good money?

Salaries. The nation’s 5,530 orthodontists averaged $186,320 per year, as of May 2012, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Orthodontists also averaged more than all dentists, at $166,910, and all physicians and surgeons, at $190,060.

How much do orthodontists make in Los Angeles?

These charts show the average base salary (core compensation), as well as the average total compensation for the job of Orthodontist in Los Angeles, CA. The base salary for Orthodontist ranges from $128,721 to $189,979 with the average base salary of $156,682.

How much does an orthodontist make a month?

An Orthodontist gets an average wage on a scale from 160000 and 240000 based on level of experience. Orthodontists will most likely receive an average wage of Two Hundred Thousand Five Hundred dollars per year. Orthodontists are compensated most highly in Georgia, where they earn a compensation of close to $227490.

Do orthodontists go to med school?

The college degrees an orthodontist will have are as follows. First, a person obtains their Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or a Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD) degree from an accredited dental school. Therefore, every Orthodontic Specialist is a dentist that has gone through dental school.

Do orthodontists have to do residency?

You will then apply and gain entrance into dental school, which takes another four years to complete. Some dentists choose to pursue a dental specialty such as orthodontics, which requires an additional three-year Master of Science degree and residency program.

How hard is it to become an orthodontist?

The first step to becoming an orthodontist starts with completing four years of college. After earning a bachelor’s degree, the student must complete four years of dental school along with an additional two to three years of training and education an orthodontic residency.

How much does it cost to become an orthodontist?

The average tuition fee for a dental program is $30,000, but the actual prices for a DDS/DMD degree vary between $20,000 and $50,000 per year, with higher fees for non-resident students. The fees are also different for each year, so a thorough search of the program is needed before application.

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