Question: How Often Do You Need To Get A Smog Check In California??

Most vehicles in California are required to pass a Smog Check every two years for registration renewal.

Your DMV Registration Renewal Notice will indicate if your vehicle needs a Smog Check.

You may take your vehicle to any Smog Check station, unless it requires a Smog Check at a STAR station.

How do I pass a smog test in California?

Here’s How to Pass the California Smog Check

  • Check the “Check Engine” light. If your “Check Engine” light is on, that’s an automatic smog test failure.
  • 2. Make sure the battery hasn’t been recently disconnected.
  • Get an oil change.
  • Get a tune-up—but not right before the test.
  • Fill up the coolant and gas tanks.
  • Drive fast two weeks before the test.
  • Get a pre-inspection.

How much does it cost to get a car to pass smog?

If the vehicle doesn’t pass the emissions test, repairs can cost $100-$3,500 or more, depending on what is needed.

How much is a star smog check?

Except for an $8.25 State Certificate fee, STAR Test Only centers and STAR Test & Repair stations will have different prices, typically between $29.95 and $59.95 plus state fee. Find a STAR station by using our smog station and coupon search tool.

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