How Much Does It Cost To Add A Middle Name??

You can just start using a middle name if you like.

If you want to do this legally, there are court filing fees to file the Petition for Change of Name (between $200 and $300), plus there is the cost of publication in a local newspaper.25 Jul 2014

How do you add a middle name legally?

How to Legally Change Your Middle Name

  • Obtain proof of residence in your state.
  • Download and print a name change petition from the website of your state government.
  • Complete the name change petition.
  • Gather any required supporting documentation.

Can you add a middle name to a birth certificate?

If your child is less than a year old, changing her middle name on her birth certificate usually only requires submitting an application on which you make the request. Find out the procedure in your state, ask for the appropriate form and complete it.

Can I add a middle name when I get married?

It’s not all about you. If you’re requesting a name change after you’re married, like I did (i.e. changing your middle name), you may also be required to get a notarized form signed by your spouse acknowledging the change. This is a step you save if you change your middle name before you get married.28 Jun 2017

Can you legally go by your middle name?

In day-to-day life, you can use your middle name instead of your first name if that’s what you prefer. However, to use only your middle name on legal documents, a court has to officially grant a change of name.

Do you need middle name on passport?

Thank You. Answer: A middle initial is acceptable on your passport. TSA’s Secure Flight Program asks passengers to enter their names as they appear on their government ID (i.e., passport). Small differences in the name on the boarding pass and ID, like middle initials, should not impact your travel.

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