How Long Does It Take To Become A Licensed Massage Therapist In California??

The other level of certification is the Certified Massage Therapist (CMT).

CMTs in California take 500 hours of massage education and training and at least 250 of those hours must be at an approved California massage therapy school.

The other 250 hours may be through a school or through a continuing education provider.

How much does it cost to become a massage therapist in California?

However, most states with massage licensing criteria commonly require between 500 to 600 hours of massage therapy training. This equates to a tuition range of between $6,000 and $10,000 for your certificate, depending upon the school and its location.

How long does it take to be a massage therapist?

Legal minimum hours for obtaining a massage therapy license vary by state, and these minimums range from 330 to 1,000 hours. Depending on how your program is structured, you can obtain your license in a matter of weeks, or it might take you up to two years.

What are the requirements to be a massage therapist in California?

In order to achieve the credential, a massage therapist must complete an approved educational program, pass an examination, and have an acceptable criminal background check. Some California massage therapists work under local licenses or permits.

Can I get my massage therapy license online?

Online massage therapy programs range from those at the professional certificate and diploma levels to bachelor’s degree programs. Massage therapists have a variety of options to enhance their career growth through specialized certifications.

How do I get my massage license?

Upon completion of most massage and bodywork training programs, you will have a diploma or certificate in massage therapy. You might still be required to take an exam to be certified by the state you want to work in. The current test is the MBLEx. In addition, some states have certifications versus licensure.

Is massage therapy a good career?

Yes, Massage Therapy is good career choice because people are suffering from many diseases in their life and there is too much restlessness. Massage therapy is the best solution to get rid of many body aches. So if the therapist is well educated to release body pain and stiffness of muscles of the clients.

How much does a massage therapist make an hour?

A Massage Therapist earns an average wage of $19.24 per hour. Most people move on to other jobs if they have more than 20 years’ experience in this career. Experience has a moderate effect on income for this job.

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