Question: How Old Do You Have To Be To Be A Lifeguard In California??

15 years old

How much do lifeguards get paid in California?

Base salaries for Newport Beach lifeguards range from $58,000 for the lowest-paid officer to $108,492 for the top-paid battalion chief, according to a 2010 city report on lifeguard pay. With overtime only added in, more than half of the 13 cleared $100,000 and the rest made between $59,500 and $98,500.

How much does lifeguard training cost?

Becoming a lifeguard does require an initial investment of time and money. Certification courses cost anywhere from $150 to $500, and take upwards of 30 hours to complete. If you have a specific facility where you would like to work, check with the manager to see what type of lifeguard certification they prefer.

What are the requirements to become a lifeguard?

Attend all class sessions, successfully perform all required skills, successfully complete three final skill scenarios; and pass the written exam with a minimum grade of 80 percent or better on each section. Certification Validity: Certification Validity- Lifeguard Training/First Aid/ CPR/AED -2 year.

Can you lifeguard at 14?

Fifteen-year-olds, but not youth less than 15 years of age, may be employed as lifeguards at traditional swimming pools and most facilities of water amusement parks. The 15-year-old must be trained and certified by the American Red Cross, or a similar certifying organization, in aquatics and water safety; and.

Can a 15 year old be a lifeguard?

The Fair Labor Standards Act permits employers to hire minors 15 years of age and older as lifeguards. 29 CFR 570.34(l) It limits, however, the type of lifeguarding activities a 15 year old may perform. Permitted lifeguard duties for 15 year olds inlcude: rescuing swimmers in danger of drowning.

How much do YMCA lifeguards get paid?

A YMCA lifeguard earns about $9.00 an hour on average. Pay typically varies by location and duration in the position. Some YMCA lifeguards may earn higher hourly wages. In addition to salary options, YMCA lifeguards can get lucrative employee benefits.

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