How Much Does It Cost To Change Your Name In California After Marriage??

It costs $15 per certified copy—we recommend getting at least two or three, as you’ll have to submit them to change your name elsewhere.

All in all, if you go this route, a legal name change after marriage in California will cost you around $100.

Is there a time limit to change your name after marriage in California?

In California, Pennsylvania, Washington, New Jersey and Ohio, women can’t change their middle name using the married name change process. Women in those states must petition the U.S. court system for a name-change in order to change their middle names. There is no time limit on changing your name.

How do I change my name legally after marriage?

The second step to successfully changing your name after marriage is to change your name legally with the Social Security Office.

Step 2: Change Your Name With Social Security

  • Your marriage certificate.
  • Your driver’s license or other proof of identity.
  • An application for a Social Security Card.

How do I change my name on my California marriage certificate?

To change the name on your Passport, DMV, Social Security card and IRS, among other government based documents, you need to have proof of legal name change; generally a certified copy of Decree Changing Name signed by a judge, certified copy of your marriage certificate, or certified copy of your divorce decree.

How long does it take to change your name after marriage?

The Social Security Administration will mail you your new card as well as your supporting documents back to you… in about two to six weeks, or so. Yes, how long it takes for your name to change can vary a considerable amount, depending on how heavy their queue or backlog is.

How can I legally change my name in California?

In California you can legally change your gender with or without a name change. In this case, you do not need a court order unless you want one. You can change your driver’s license, social security card and US passport, as well. However, you may need a court order if you want to change your birth certificate.

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