Question: Can You Apply For A Marriage License Online In California??

You can get a marriage license to any County Clerk’s office, where you will have to appear in person.

You can apply online in some counties, but that won’t save you a trip to the clerk’s office.

Even if you complete the application online, you may still have to go to the office to pick up your license.

What do you need to get a marriage license in California?

Marriage Application Requirement California: Get Copy Of Birth Certificate. To complete the application for a marriage license, a couple must: Before a marriage license can be issued, First Person and Second Person must bring in a valid photo I.D. (e.g., drivers license, military I.D., passport, or green card, etc.)

How do I apply for a marriage license online?

Couples applying for a marriage license ONLINE must:

  • Fill out the Clerk’s Online Marriage Application.
  • Appear together at one of the Clerk’s six Vital Records locations.
  • Inform the clerk that you filled out your application online.
  • Present valid identification with proof of age.
  • Sign the marriage license application.

Where do I go to get a marriage license in California?

Blood tests are NOT required to obtain a marriage license in California. Both parties must appear in person and bring valid picture identification to the County Clerk’s Office to apply for a marriage license in California.

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