Question: What Is The Fastest Way To Get A Passport In California??

Expedite at an Acceptance Facility

  • Fill out your application and collect your documents.
  • Be sure to include the $60 expedite fee in addition to the normal application fee.
  • Find the acceptance facility nearest you to turn in your application and fees.
  • The expedite fee does not include 1-2 Day Delivery.

How long does it take to get a passport in California?

two to three weeks

How much does it cost to get a passport in California?

The fee is $35 and is paid at the acceptance agent facility, usually the post office or county clerk. New Passport (for adults age 16 and older): For a new adult passport book: $110 application fee and a $35 execution fee. The new total fee is $145.

How can I get my passports?

What you’ll need to provide

  1. Form DS-11.
  2. Proof of U.S. citizenship (such as a birth or naturalization certificate)
  3. Government-issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license or military ID)
  4. Color passport photo.
  5. Fee payment (check or money order)

Can you get a passport same day in California?

It is possible to get a passport in as little as one day at select U.S. State Department Passport Agencies, including the San Francisco, California location. Determine whether or not you are eligible for an in-person appointment at the agency.

Can I get a passport same day?

Can I get my passport same day from a passport office? At standard passport offices, “expedited” usually means two weeks, and passports that are “expedited” often still take longer than that.

Can I get a passport at the post office?

You usually don’t need to renew a passport at a passport acceptance office like the post office. Instead, use the expedited renewal-by-mail procedure that allows you to post the DS-82 application, photo, old passport and fee to the State Department.

How quickly can I get a passport?

The Fastest Way to Get a Passport. Expedited passport processing is the best option if you need to get your passport fast. You will need to have Proof of Travel Plans in order to expedite your passport. Passports can be received in two weeks or less through our service, even as fast as 24 hours.

Where can I go with a passport card?

The passport card is used to enter the United States (U.S.) at the land border crossings and sea ports-of-entry from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda. The passport card can also be used for domestic air travel.

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