How Do I Get My California Driver’s Permit??

At the DMV you must:

  • Fill out or bring a completed DL44 application and have both parents sign it (available at DMV offices or complete the electronic DL44 application online ahead of time).
  • Pay the DMV application fee, this fee pays for both your permit and your driver’s license.

Can you get your permit online?

To get your driving permit, fill out an application and submit it to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which you may be able to do online. You’ll also need to visit your local DMV and provide proof of your identity, take an eyesight exam, and pay any associated fees.

Do you have to have your parents with you to get a permit?

Q. Do my parents need to come with me to get a driver’s license or an instruction permit? A.If you are under the age of 16, yes (one parent or guardian). If you are over 16, no, unless you have not had your parent certify your SO hours of driving time.

How much does it cost to take the California permit test?

You need to take a 46-question written test. To pass the exam, you need to get 38 correct answers at least. Once you pass the exam, you’ll need to pay a $35 application fee, which covers your provisional learner’s permit and driver license.

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