How Can I Get A Copy Of My Divorce Decree??

If the court clerk no longer has the divorce records in custody, apply to the department of vital records, office of vital statistics, or registrar, in the county where your divorce case took place.

If the county records department does not keep divorce decrees, contact your state department of records or registrar.

How do I get a copy of my divorce decree in Los Angeles County?

Go to that court in Los Angeles County to obtain your divorce documents. If you have forgotten the name of the superior court where you got your divorce, call the L.A. County Court at 213-830-0803 or visit that court at 111 North Hill St., Los Angeles, CA. The clerk will look up your divorce court for you.

How long does it take to get a divorce decree in California?

Filing. California’s residency requirement for divorce is six months, so you must live in the state at least this long before you can file. After you file and serve your petition for divorce on your spouse, she has 30 days to answer it.

Where can I get my divorce certificate?

If you want a certified copy of your divorce decree months or years after your divorce, you can usually get it at the courthouse in the court clerk’s office. Some states have divorce decrees in the county clerk’s office, so you will need to check with your state.

How do I get a copy of my divorce decree online in California?

How to Obtain a Divorce Decree From California

  • Visit the California county superior court that issued the divorce decree. Bring your photo identification, such as a valid state license or passport.
  • Tell the court clerk you need a certified copy of the divorce decree, and ask for a copy request form.
  • Pay the clerk the fee for the copy.

What happens after Judge signs divorce decree?

If your case goes to trial and the judge issues a judgment, the judgment is confirmed when the decree is signed and dated by the judge and court clerk. You will be sent a copy, via mail, of your final decree of divorce after it has been signed and entered into the court records.

How can I find out when my divorce was final?

State Vital Records: If you are not sure which county the divorce was finalized in, you can request these records at the state level. You should contact the Department of Vital Records in the state where the divorce took place. This can be done in person, by phone or online.

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