Question: Can California Dusters Be Washed??

Care and Cleaning: The California Car Dusters work best when they’re dirty.

Just shake them out before and after each use.

Should your duster ever become so dirty that it requires an actual cleaning, just wash it in cold water with a mild detergent (like Woolite) and let it air dry.

How long does a California Car Duster last?

20 years

How do you use a duster rejuvenator?

Keep the duster aside for at least 30-40 minutes. One more time hold the duster in one hand, spray duster rejuvenator on the duster at least 50-60 times covering the overall surface. Keep the duster aside for at least 30-40 minutes and allow the duster to dry well.

What is a California Duster?

The Original California Car Duster literally works like magic. It utilizes the proven technology of baking a special paraffin wax into 100% cotton strands to assure that dust is lifted and removed, not just pushed around.

How do you clean a California Duster?

How to Clean a California Duster

  • Shake the duster out very thoroughly after each time it is used. Do this over a trash can or simply outside away from your vehicle.
  • Wash your California Duster with a mild laundry detergent and cool water if it is very dirty.
  • Rinse the duster with cold, clean water and then let it air-dry.

Can you wash a duster?

Throw your duster into a machine washer with two tablespoons of detergent and let air dry. Feather dusters cannot be put into a washing machine, as the detergent will strip the oils and potentially damage your feathers. It is best to wash your rag dusters alone so the lint and dirt does not transfer onto garments.

How do you wash a car cover in California?

  1. Place the cover in a largest washing machine available.
  2. Use the GENTLE cycle, if available.
  3. Wash according to the above chart for appropriate cleaner and machine settings.
  4. Rinse the cover twice (2x) with water only to remove all of the cleaner.
  5. Dry according to chart.

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